Altavoz 12in COAXIAL 350/90W AES 12XA30Nd BEYMA

12XA30ND de Beyma | EAN 8435469004344

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This 12" coaxial loudspeaker is intended for the most demanding professional applications. Its low frequency unit features a 4" (100 mm) edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil capable of handle 350 w AES. This bass unit has been optimized in order to fit in with the most compact bass-reflex systems. The high frequency unit uses a 2.8" (72.2 mm) aluminium ribbon voice coil and a composite structure diaphragm that is to say a titanium dome and polyester surround combination. All these components give as a result a coherent and extended frequency response with low distortion that ranges from 25 Hz up to 20 kHz. Moreover the use of a common neodymium magnet system for both units reduces the weight to 6.3 kg.

  • 12" bass loudspeaker and 2" exit compression driver combination
  • Excellent power handling: 350 w AES (L.F. unit) and 90 w AES (H.F. unit)
  • Extended and linear frequency response (25-20000 Hz)
  • High sensitivity: 98 dB (L.F. unit) and 105 dB (H.F. unit)
  • Low weight (common neodymium magnet system for both units)
  • Bass loudspeaker designed for compact bass-reflex cabinets
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Altavoz 12in COAXIAL 350/90W AES 12XA30Nd BEYMA

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